Happy employees More productive companies

We are Building Happiness

We support companies to increase happiness and motivation of their employees, increasing productivity and decreasing turnover.

Cloud platform, available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Extremely Flexible

In our platform you can set up all the necessary information to fit your business objectives.

Large number of features

Manage your employees' information with our tools, since the day they enter the company, until the day they leave.

Experts in human management

We have an allied team of organizational management experts.


to see the world with happier employees every day, passionate about what they do and a 100% motivated on their workplaces.


our tools to make daily live of companies and employees more simple, we innovate and play to make experiences more fun, always being at the vanguard of human management.


companies and ourselves to build more human jobs everyday, motivate employees to be more passionate about their role on the company, so this way increase productivity and decrease turnover.

Business Allies

We don't want to be only your software provider, we want to be your business ally and help you to grow your company.

Integral Service

In addition to our platform, we offer support with our organizational management team.

Modular Platform

You can choose what module use between all we offer, so you don't have to buy the entire system. Just buy what you need.

"Motivated employees can be up to 40% MORE PRODUCTIVE"


We support companies to increase your employee's happiness and motivation, increasing productivity and decreasing turnover.

Identify key talent

Through the 9 box grid methodology, your company will be able to identify key talents, those who have the greatest potential, this way you will be able to support decisions about personnel promotion, positions reassignment, succession plans, as well to define audited strategies of motivation and retention.

Enhance your employees

Through this evaluation you will be able to know the indicator of each competency about what is expected, which will allow you to enhance the strongest competencies of your employees, work on those that need to be stronger and indentify posible positions reassignment that will allows you to get the most of their talents.

Everybody after a common goal

To accomplish organizational goals, it is important that all areas of the organization work towards that goal. We provide you with tools so you can align the individual objectives with the organizational strategy, this way all your employees will know their participation and contribution on the achievement of organizational goals.

Happiness as a lifestyle

One of our tools is a short survey that will give you valuable information about happiness index of your employees, and will help you to make specific and effective actions that will allow you to improve their life quality.


We use game-design elements to increase engagement, participation and motivation of your employees, to keep their interest through this important process.

Constant feedback

Constant feedback is key to develop employee's talent and motivation, that is why through development plans you will keep constant communication between leaders and employees, increasing engagement.

Numbers that support us



Happiness survey


Competency measurement


Development plans